Iespējams PS3 price-drops

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Iespējams PS3 price-drops

Postby Grammaton » Jan 7th, '09, 16:09

Kā ziņo, Microsofts paredz, ka Sony jau pavisam drīz samazinās PlayStation 3 cenas.
Microsoft Aaron Greenberg stāsta, ka jau pēc pāris mēnešiem ir gaidāma PS3 price-drops, tikai viņš nesaprot, kapēc Sony to velk tik ilgi garumā.

Microsoft exec Aaron Greenberg wrote:Right now the 120GB Xbox Elite carries an RRP of GBP 229.99, while the 80GB PS3 is GBP 299.99. At last year's Leipzig Games Convention, SCEE boss David Reeves told us there would be no price cut "this year" - and as it turned out, he wasn't making it up.

But last year's "this year" has since become last year - now this year's "this year" is fully underway, will there be a price cut this year? No idea, still trying to work out what I've just written.

Pilnāks info te.

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