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NGP developeru tikšanās rezumējums

Postby ActionMan » Feb 13th, '11, 12:07

Sony revealed significant new details on the Next Generation Portable launch plans, hardware specs and network features at the London headquarter meeting on Feb 3: (Source: Eurogamer)

- while many big name developers have received the devkit for almost a year, for other smaller studios who want to get the NGP devkit, they must supply a 20 page concept document on a game they want to release at launch and the kit will arrive before April;
- Sony will release the Wi-Fi only edition of NGP in 2011, while the 3G version will be available before holiday season 2011;
- SCEE said the NGP version of WipEout HD runs on the same PS3 engine with no change to the art platform. That means full resolution, full 60fps, all the shader effects are the same as the PS3 version;
- Sony wants developers to create releases that work across PS3 and NGP, so that the submission process can be streamlined with only a single submission require for a title on PSN and NGP;
- Sony insists that they don't want the exact same game on NGP and PS3, they want at least some kind of interactivity between the two versions with NGP only extras;
- Any shaders for PS3 will work on NGP, don't have to rewrite anything. What would have taken 2-3 months before could take just 1-2 weeks now;
- All games at launch will be available on Flash media and PSN;
- NGP features 3 gyroscopes, compare to 1 in PS3 controller, which allows for more accurate movement, both front and rear touch panels are six point mulit-touch capable;
- "The touch pad on the back is fantastic," the source said. "It does feel second nature, like you're having a real impact on the world." As an example of the potential, SCEE described squeezing an object in-game by pinching the front and the back simultaneously;
- SCEE said the first year will focus on hardcore players, year two on hardcore and teens, and the audience will expand younger and older after that;
- Social networking and located based features were also highlighted. For instance clues could be put on social networking side which lead to virtual gifts, that could in turn make use of camera and augmented reality to distribute new skins and avatars;
- The NGP devkit will takes under 20 minutes to setup, compare to 3 hours for the PS3 dev station, it is fairly easy to use.

Pēc visa spriežot, devkit'i taisīti tā, lai maksimāli viegli varētu portēt spēles no PS3 (drīzāk gan no PSN) uz NGP, saglabājot visus šeiderus un ģeometriju, tikai ar zemāku ekrāna izšķirtspēju. Arī turpmākās PSN spēles iesniedzot SONY izvērtēšanai, jāveido tā, lai tās der arī NGP.

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