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Postby agressor » Apr 8th, '08, 01:35

Beidzot kaut kas nopietnāks uz Wii - Sadness. No Poļu kantora un melnbalts!
Oh Sadness, so many delays, when will it be launched? The Wii is in need of a new videogame in the horror genre. According to Nibris' president, Piotr Orlovsky, this production is intended only for adults and touches various subjects as fear of the dark, paranoid schizophrenia and narcolepsy. The events unfold in a Slavic country during World War I. For now, the release date is set to 2008, maybe Q1 2009.

It's important to note that all of Sadness will be in black & white with a gothic style. The problem about this game is that the company promised a gameplay trailer before the end of 2007, which never happenned. As of March 17, 2007, publisher Frontline Studios parted ways due to different "artistic differences", leaving Nibris with no publisher. The developer has approached Digital Amigos since then, but no further details are available. The following screen has been posted on IGN's official boards by Nibris. Viral marketing to boost interest in their slowly vanishing project from the masses? You bet.

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Re: Sadness

Postby Fxp » Apr 8th, '08, 08:24

Diemžēl izstrādātājs ir Nibris, kas jau tik bieži melojuši gaming community, ka viņu reputācija izraisa tikai smieklus.

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