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Postby Grammaton » Mar 9th, '10, 19:06

Spēli izdos Codemasters un pieskaitīs to FPS/Action žanram. Spēle būs pieejama arī Xbox 360 un PC lietotājiem. + info wrote:March 8, 2010 - The newest issue of The Official Xbox Magazine reveals the previously announced upcoming shooter from UK-based developer and publisher Codemasters is being titled Bodycount.

Not much about the title has been revealed since the magazine has yet to reach subscribers, but the website describes it as a "spectacular and frankly mental" first-person shooter. Stuart Black, former co-creator and designer of 2006's shooter Black is leading the project at Codemasters' Guildford studio.

Bodycount will utilize EGO, Codemasters' multi-platform engine used in titles such as DiRT and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and was originally announced for "leading console platforms."

************* + info wrote:UK, March 9, 2010 - Codemasters has officially lifted the veil on Bodycount, its all-new first person shooter that's being created by much of the team behind PlayStation 2 hit Black.

Scheduled for an early 2011 release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Bodycount has players working for the 'Network', tasked with taking down 'Targets' in a game that, like its spiritual forebear, has an emphasis on arcade action. Both online multiplayer and co-operative modes are being promised, with the whole show being put on by Codemasters' EGO engine.

Stuart Black – creator of the original Black and Bodycount's Creative Director – filled in some of the gaps. "We're all massive FPS fans and believe that there's room for a refresh of the shooter experience," he said "Everything in Bodycount is absolutely centred on the bullet and its impact on the world. Our shredding tech enables us to create a different kind of gameplay, where players and AI can't hide behind indestructible cover and rely on whack-a-mole mechanics."



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