Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Postby agressor » Jan 18th, '11, 13:53

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is indeed on the cards, officially confirming the game with a debut trailer revealed at the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere press event in Japan, which depicted FFXIII protagonist crossing swords with an unidentified purple-haired character.

So, it's exactly as speculated then, following rumours that a Final Fantasy XIII sequel was in the offing when a domain name for surfaced last week. And of course, the last Final Fantasy title to be given a proper direct sequel was Final Fantasy X-2, making this the second direct FF follow-up.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is slated for release sometime this year incredibly, meaning that Square Enix must have had this under wraps for quite some time. Final Fantasy XIII head, Motomu Muriyama will be on directing duties.

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Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Postby c3nsor » Jan 21st, '11, 19:51

fuck yeah! par cik viņi izteicās, ka matreālu esot palikuši pāri vēl vienai spēlei, no ff13, tad ceramas, ka viņiem nevaidzēs 5 gadus, laipabeigtu šo.

hvz, kas šis īsti ir, bet notagots zem XIII-2
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