Xbox 360 motion add-on

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Xbox 360 motion add-on

Postby vertigo » May 10th, '09, 18:10

A photo of a supposed Xbox 360 motion add-on has leaked all over the internet along with the first rumoured details.
According to the 'leak' offered to Engadget, Microsoft's new toy comes in the form of a sensor bar of sorts, that detects "full body movement" and sound, minus controllers. Two sensors, a mic and camera, will allow Xbox 360 owners to use full body and hand gestures to control supported games, claims the report. It sounds a bit like EyeToy, basically.
"In fighting games you kick, punch, duck, dive, jump and so forth with your body," says the report. "It also picks up small hand gestures like pinching, grabbing and scrolling."
The included camera will also provide for video conferencing and trivia games with live images of each person playing, it's claimed. When a question pops up, you simply clap to buzz in. Can't the Vision Camara do that?
Sensor are said to detect only the person playing, not folks observing on the couch, and apparently it's even accurate enough to have you moving stuff about on the screen with your hands. How it identifies the player and their movements is not explained.
There's no official word from Microsoft on this yet, but if true be confident in seeing the bar crop up at Microsoft's E3 press conference next month. We're on the case.


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Re: Xbox 360 motion add-on

Postby Grammaton » May 10th, '09, 20:51

Xbox 360 & Wii hybrid. :)

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